Spia Wine Store History

We decided to open a space that needed minimal work. This would create less waste. Eighty-percent of our store interior was never changed. We kept all the crown molding, the carpet intact and the original ceiling tiles. The bathroom was updated with a few water conservation changes. We did paint the store. All the interior paints we used are VOC free. All of our signs were paint with a low-VOC chalk board paint. The glass-washing area is equipped with energy star appliances and we added a tank-less water heater. All of our wine cabinetry has been purchased from the Habitat for Humanity resale store. The display tables were built by Steve Peters Designs using old doors and reclaimed wood. Additional display tables and vintage baskets were purchased from Southern Portico Antiques in Durham. Our contracter, Drew Ray of FA RAY Construction was very careful to utilize every piece of wood we already had in the store. He also finished on time and on budget. Susan Walters Designs helped guide us in our design process.

Yes, we recycle. We have a recycling area for glass, plastic and paper. We don’t sell aluminum at this time, but will add it if we do. We also recycle corks! There is an amazing company in North Carolina that will pick up cork, both traditional and synthetic. Feel free to bring us your glass, paper and plastic for recycling. Attention artists, if you use glass bottles or corks in your work, give us a call. We would love to give you some.

Each customer will receive a 6 bottle wine bag on arrival. Sip…a wine store will not be offering paper bags. We will be giving 6 bottle and case discounts to those that bring back their own bag or box. Our tasting bar is always open! Our tasting glasses are designed for the customer to take home and bring back to the store, or you can bring your own.

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